Adobe Education / Certification

Fine Arts – BSA I (MM)
Fine Arts – BSA II (MM)
Fine Arts – BSA III (MM)
Fine Arts – BSA I/II/III (Multimedia)curriculum is offered to students who desire a high degree of specialization in a short period of instruction and expand their understanding of the basic theory of art and necessary practice to hone artistic skills. This curriculum is well suited for those who seek for more in-depth practical training than theoretical lessons and for those who want to have various experiences in visual art fields.This curriculum can help students distinguish themselves from other college applicants and give their resume an extra boost. This curriculum allows students to demonstrate proficiency in various art media including electronic version of traditional media. Adobe software, which provides artists with added control, unlike traditional hand crafted materials, allows for instant alterations to the medium at any time when creating a work. This curriculum also increases their chances of getting into and succeeding at the colleges of their choice by dealing with the most popular art trend – InterdisciplinaryMultimedia Art, and expands their career opportunities once they graduate from colleges. This curriculum offers a 4-month vacation after taking two semesters(28 Weeks) upon passing at least 1 ADOBE Certification exam.