The PI Roadmap: The Proven Track

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‘None of this would have been possible without the skills and networking I gained at PI.’ 
– Paola Gallio, Curator
My name is Paola Gallio, and I am the co-founder and curator of Tappeto Volante and Assembly Room in New York. I am from Italy, and worked in the art industry in Europe for over 10 years. When I first came to New York in 2011, I didn’t know how to navigate New York or its art scene.

PI Art Center gave me all that I needed: resources, education and networking. As an immigrant, I feel going to PI really helped me keep my dream alive. PI is a connector to achieve dreams of people like me who want to rebrand, to restart a career.

Just like what PI did for me, my vision is to provide artists with their first chance when they do not have the experience, the networking, or the established name yet. Connections are vital in the art world, and as a PI alum, I want to help younger artists like PI students so that they can make those connections and take their first steps to flourishing as artists.
‘I'm excited for the future that PI helped me build!
Whenever I had any questions about anything, like my career path or what I could do with art, the instructors at PI were always there for me. And getting advice felt real and empathetic. They understood what I was going through, and getting guidance from active artists was always reassuring. The fact that the instructors were active in the art field was the most obvious to me when I worked on my portfolio. They actually helped me to get to a point when everything clicked, and I produced 3 works I loved, one after the other, that I ended up actually using for my portfolio.

Another thing I got from PI is confidence and independence. The open sessions on Saturdays, where I could learn freely and explore different types of art, were perfect for discovering what I like and what I’m good at. Finally, since I’m planning on double majoring or at least having a minor in college, having the college credits ready from PI will be a lifesaver. Already having met some of the graduation requirements with these credits, I’ll have more freedom in scheduling my courses. At PI, I was able to reach a higher level of productivity than I thought was possible for me.
– Krystal Kang / SAIC, Fashion Design
NYC Campus
NJ Campus
(2012 - 2020)