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At PI Art Center, our focus is to establish a strong foundation for students worldwide to further grow as prominent artists in the challenging global market.

Transfer Credit Eligible (AICAD Member) Schools
Parsons School of Design
College Credit Transfer Eligible School
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Partner School offering up to 24 transferable credits
Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
Partner School offering up to 24 transferable credits
Ringling College of Art and Design
Partner School offering up to 24 transferable credits
Foundation Diploma (UK)
University of the Arts London
PI Artcenter is the first international centre offering the UAL Foundation Diploma in the U.S.A.
Transfer Credit Eligible (Non-AICAD Member) Schools
Columbia College Hollywood
Partner School offering up to 45 transferable credits
New York Film Academy
Partner School offering up to 12 transferable credits
Paris College of Art
Partner School offering up to 24 transferable credits

Private Portfolio Day @PI

Immediate Feedback by visiting College Admissions Counselors
i.e.) Portfolio Selection & Arrangement Lifehack Tips

See PI Portfolio Day

Student Success!

Through a year of Portfolio Prep/Total Plan at PI, Hannah won both a Gold and a Silver Key at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. In particular, Hannah became proficient in creating conceptual works in which her ideas and emotions are deftly expressed. 

$84,000 SAIC
$48,000 Ringling

Hannah Jung
Attended School: SAIC / Illustration

Student Success!

GPA is a large part of the RISD admissions criteria, but Inhyuk, despite not having the strongest grades, gained not only acceptance but a scholarship through his visionary portfolio of works developed around the central themes of space and the cosmos.  

$108,000 Pratt
$92,000 Otis
$76,000 Parsons
$47,700 RISD

Inhyuk Leo Baek
Attended School: RISD / Graphic Design

Student Success!

Because she lived out of state, Gia had limited time. Therefore, she attended the 6 week Summer Intensive, which enabled her to finish her portfolio and also win a Gold Key in Scholastics Art and Writing Awards. 

$104,000 Pratt
$80,000 Parsons

Gia Lee
Attended School: Parsons / Graphic Design

Student Success!

Lana possesses ideals and a philosophy that are strikingly her own. At PI, she learned to harness the distinctive nature of her ideas and let them shine through her works and won 5 awards from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. 

$88,000 CCA
$71,400 SAIC
$48,000 MICA

Lana Papanyan
Attended School: MICA / Illustration

Student Success!

Laura initially was considering Fashion, but during Portfolio Prep we saw her aptitude for Sculpture and nurtured it. Utilizing this discovered talent, Laura has won 2 Gold Keys and a Silver Key from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards

$75,600 SAIC
$72,000 OTIS

Laura Lee
Attended School: SAIC / Fine Arts

Student Success!

Having come from Japan, Shu needed help with not just art instruction but the US college application process.Through Portfolio Prep, he received a roadmap, list of recommended colleges, help with his application, and of course, finished an amazing portfolio. 

$32,000 PrattMWP

Shu Saito
Attended School: PrattMWP / Fine Arts
In 36 years, we have never failed in student college admission; PI’s college prep programs have a 100% success rate in getting our students to college/university art programs.
We have helped 2000+ students gain acceptance into Art schools
In total, over $50 million have been awarded in scholarship to PI students, with Scholarships of nearly $2 million each from Parsons and Pratt and Scholarships of over $1 million each from SAIC and SVA.
93% of whom were accepted to their top choice school and 75% of whom were awarded scholarships.


Our Mission is to transform every student, even those students with no or limited previous art experience, to become highly trained, disciplined, and well-prepared students for American higher education and Professional career in art.